Raisins are called ripe and dried grapes and are sold in different types depending on the type of grapes, drying and additives.

It is rich in iron, potassium, group B vitamins, high in fiber and antioxidant properties that prevent cell destruction.

You can also use it as a healthy and nutritious nuts throughout the year. You can see different amounts of these nutrients in 5 grams of raisins in the table below:

Our company is committed to delivering the following export products of the highest quality. And it has precise control at all stages of production to product consumption.

Iranian export raisins:

Golden raisins:

To produce this type of raisin, sulfur smoke is used in the drying process, making the raisins yellow or light brown.

Sun dried raisins (Thompson):

This raisins are obtained by drying a variety of grapes in direct sunlight.

Sultanas raisins:

This type of raisin comes from a kind of grapes with fine grains, the Sultanate raisins are the product of the Takestan city of Iran.

Tizabi raisins:

Tizabi raisins have two major types of seed and seedless and have different colors in the yellow to yellowish brown. In the process of drying raisins, alkaline additives are used.

Green Kashmar Raisins:

In our country, the most famous raisin is the type of pen green that is used as snacks and in nuts. Green raisins are the result of drying, long, and stretched grapes using sulfur.

Currantes Raisins:

The currant comes from the grapes of the royal and is smaller and darker than ordinary raisins and has a faster taste.

Good and quality raisins are offered without any abnormal aromas or taste as well as pests and dust. High quality export raisins have a moisture less than 1 % weight and sulfur anhydride and sulfur smoke less than 2 thousand weighted.

The raisin quality is also dependent on the quality of grapes. In fact, the best type of raisin is obtained from grapes that is 2 % and the color should be as smooth as possible. Another important factor in the quality of export raisins, the lower number of raisins, premature, fine, crushed and sugar raisins, is than the number of healthy raisins in the specified amount, which is directly related to the process of clearing raisins.

Nutritional facts table:
Energy129 Kcal
Carbohydrate34 g
Protein109 g
Fat0.2 g
Fiber106 g
Glucose25.4 g
Potacium322 mg
Iron0.8 mg
Magnsium14 mg
Calcium22 mg