The mushroom or Agaricus bisporus is one of the most widely cultivated species in the world, with a white rounded cap and a few distinct flavors. Edible mushrooms that are widely used all over the world add a tempting taste and smell to food without adding lots of fat, cholesterol, or calories to it. Additionally, it contains a high level of dietary fiber and antioxidants, including vitamins C, and B, folates, and polyphenols that may benefit cardiovascular and diabetic health. Also is Rich in copper and selenium to support all your body functions. They are suitable for vegetarians and healthy eaters because of their high nutritional value and low calories and numerous health benefits. One of the mushroom cons is the short shelf life including changes in color, unpleasant smell, and inappropriate shape, which all will be recovered by freeze drying technic and provided to store for a long time. Fresh mushrooms are good sources of nutrients like proteins minerals like vitamin D and Riboflavin, and Minerals including copper, selenium, and phosphorous. That all in the freeze-dried form are preserved and even richer. AHTs Freeze-dried mushrooms offer health benefits and are an Inseparable ingredient of your creative recipes. It’s the keto influencers and followers’ friends which you can find in the variety of their diet meals due to its low calorie and high fiber and protein. Try it and enjoy the natural taste and smell of mushrooms at any time and place and be worried about getting a dark and bad smell. There is nothing better than having these crispy chips in your kitchen to make cooking enjoyable and simple. Some common uses of freeze-dried mushrooms are salad, omelet, brunch side soup, stew, and pizza. We are here to take your orders for this lovely product!