Garlic purees

Garlic is one of the main food flavorings, whose therapeutic properties and effectiveness in physical and mental health are evident and proven in terms of the presence of allicin as a strong antioxidant in reducing stress, anxiety, controlling blood pressure and strengthening the body’s immune system. .

Garlic puree has been used for a long time in world markets and fortunately, its market share is increasing due to its benefits.

For the first time, we offer this amazing product in four different flavors using the best raw materials (Hamadan garlic) in a completely hygienic and preservative-free way, with easy consumption in all seasons, to contribute to easy cooking and consumer health. to have

Benefits of using garlic puree instead of fresh garlic

Produced from the best fresh garlic exported from Iran (Hamadan garlic)
• The ability to store in the environment for a long time before opening
• Keeping the natural color of garlic
• Proper flavoring
• Can be used in all foods as flavoring and seasoning
• Convenient storage in the refrigerator and ease of consumption
• Because the garlic puree is ready, there is no need to peel the garlic and smell it
• Because it is pasteurized, it is free of environmental pollution
• without preservatives

Kamsi garlic puree flavors
  • Garlic puree
  • Garlic and pepper puree
  • Garlic and vegetable puree
  • Garlic and ginger puree
Garlic puree packaging:

The weight of each glass is 325 grams

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